“Ni gaidi tu ya huku” Actress Catherine Kamau opens up about her son’s father

Catherine Kamau has a 15 year old son she conceived while still in colleague. However being a celebrity, Catherine Kamau has always been protective of her kids and this is why we know very little about her young ones.

Tbt: Catherine Kamau with son

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But thanks to Mwalimu Churchill’s My Journey series on Churchill show we recently got to learn more about Catherine Actress and her private life. Speaking to The Godfather of Kenyan comedy Mr Churchill aka Daniel Ndambuki the actress/comedian; got to open up about her journey from highschool to where she is today.

According to Kate (Catherine) her life changed after she failed her CPA exam which her parents had pushed her to take; as they hoped she would venture into accounts.

Catherine Kamau

My mum thought I was good, hiyo CPA sijui ilikuwa na nini. Nilianguka.

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Caught off guard

Having failed her CPA exams, Catherine says her mum took her to Uganda where she got to understand the meaning of freedom; meaning mingling with boys in class and in the dorms – and just like that – Kate got carried away.

Coming from girls’ schools only, I found myself in a class with boys it was like freedom, in a dorm with boys. I could go out, tunadunda, nikapotea aki my mum had taken a 400kloan to educate me.

Having been raised by strict parents who watched her every move; the actress says she never got to understand what contraceptives were. I mean, where she would she know them from and at what circumstances?

I didn’t understand how it was a shock to me yet I wasn’t on contraceptives. I never understood anything about contraceptives, I went for a morning after three weeks.

Well without this information – Catherine says she had some carefree fun which resulted into a pregnancy. Speaking about her baby daddy, Catherine Kamau described him as a gaidi (terrorist more of like your Nairobi boyfriend) who got the job done; then slapped her with character development.

Kajamaa kalinipea character development, ni gaidi wa huku tuu, tulikutana huko. we met in Uganda at the University- by the way alikuwa very supportive sana so nilikaa huko home.

Both of them being young, there was no way out for Catherine Kamau but to go back to her parents; and this time around-they made sure to teach her what responsibility means – and I’m guessing this is why it took her 14 years before having another baby.


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