“Ni kuoga na kurudi soko” Edday Nderitu advised to focus & stop wasting time on playboy Samidoh

Edday Nderitu recently broke down after realizing husband Samidoh was back with his mistress, Karen Nyamu – a woman she refuses to accept as a fellow wife.

As seen on a recent post – Edday Nderitu went on to tell off her husband for putting through so much pain despite the 15 years they have been together.

Edday Nderitu

Well – to be honest, never did we imagine Edday Nderitu would be pushed to a point where she has to pour out her heart on social media…especially after seeing how Samidoh defended her during the Dubai fight – and now…..tables just turned overnight.

Foam ni kuoga na kurudi soko – Edday Nderitu told

However being a mother of 3 and having delt with similar problems (maybe) many assumed Edday wouldn’t let her husband’s affair affect her; and incase it did – at least she wouldn’t have to wallow or force herself to stay yet uncomfortable.

But no. Despite knowing she can move on and live life on her terms….Edday chose to breakdown on social media attracting the attention of influencer Martha Mwihaki – a woman who feels that Edday should follow in Keziah’s footsteps.

According to Ms Mwihaki, Kiengei’s ex-wife is the best example of how a woman should handle herself after a failed marriage. Through her social media pages, Mwihaki wrote;

I think we should send Edday to Keziah Wa Kariuki. She should be taught how to move on. No more paragraphs. Very intelligent woman.


Looking for money saves you from acres of paragraphs. Keziah is now running a beauty parlour in Kahawa, and she is happy. Some of us were not made to be loved.

And from Edday response….seems like she is finally ready to step out of her marriage and support herself and the kids if indeed Samidoh has chosen to be with Karen Nyamu.

 Taking notes. Congratulations to you my friend Keziah Wa Kariuki.

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