Nicah the Queen And Amber Ray Roast Each Other In Nasty Online Scuffle (Screenshots)

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has recently picked a beef with Kenyan socialite Faith Makau (Amber Ray) after her comment that insinuated she’s a husband snatcher. Nicah went ahead to advice women to pray for their husbands not to end up meeting with women like Amber Ray; who would effortlessly snatch their men.

”This is a small notice from Nicah to my fellow women/wives! Kindly lets put our husbands in prayers like never before. Sasa imagine ukose kumuombea atoke hapa nje apatane na Amberay akuaibishe in public ata ukimsamehe kila mtu anajua????????????. So lets pray for our husbands…”

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Amber Ray Hits Back

Amber couldn’t hold herself back from responding to the allegations of being referred to a husband snatcher. She’s well known to be savage when someone dares to cross her line. And in this case, it wasn’t any different. Upon reading Nicah’s sentiments, Amber hit back and termed her as miserable.

She wrote on her Instagram stories;

”The blessed don’t beef with the miserable”

Despite Amber trolling her back, Nicah wasn’t done yet. She maintained her advice to women to pray for their husbands as she made a satirical comment on Amber Ray doing ‘work’ to pay her bills.

I’m dang sure their online tussle will continue and Amber Ray won’t let the issue slide.

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