Nicah The Queen claps back at ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has responded to her ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke after he recently did an interview opening up on what went wrong in their relationship.

In the interview, Ofweneke said that at some point the marriage wasn’t working for him. This statement seems to have rubbed Nicah the wrong way.

On her Instagram, Nicah penned a harsh message to her ex-husband, saying, “Oh boy!!! Don’t get me started! We both know I don’t get dumped….I do the’s crazy what people tell themselves to feel better.”

She also tagged Obinna, the interviewer who spoke to Ofweneke, and asked him to interview her as well.

“Someone tell Dr. Ofweneke to not dare me!! I have receipts不不不不 we both know the truth不不不不 sips tea!!! I think my second name should be “an ex one can never forget!” I’m a stamp baby云 #Jesusgurl @ogaobinna I think we should have a sit-down!!!!”

Ofweneke had spoken lovingly about Nicah in the interview, saying that he ignored the foundation of their relationship and tried to change her into what he wanted her to be. He also admitted that he made mistakes in the marriage and has learned from them.

However, Nicah’s response suggests that she is not happy with Ofweneke’s version of events. It remains to be seen if the two will ever sit down and air their grievances in public.

Nicah’s fans are divided on her response. Some people believe that she is being petty and should just move on, while others think that she is right to stand up for herself.

Ultimately, it is up to Nicah to decide how she wants to handle her relationship with Dr. Ofweneke. However, her response has certainly sparked a lot of discussion and debate.

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