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Nicah the Queen Regrets Losing Dr Ofweneke

September 02, 2021 at 08:56
Nicah the Queen

Nicah the Queen walked out on Dr Ofweneke a few years back and the split utterly devastated him. When he next surfaced publicly, it was at a Koroga festival instalment and he was as drunk as a skunk, completely beyond the point of reason.

Isn’t he a staunch Christian? Dr Ofweneke caught on camera drunk as a skunk at the Koroga Festival

Back then, it seemed like she had won. She was flourishing and a lot of men were looking to slide into her DMs and have a share in the spoils. And she made sure to flaunt that fact. Remember when she was dating a man of Nigerian extraction? She made a whole meal of that relationship.

Nicah the Queen

Meanwhile, Dr Ofweneke chose to silently rebuild. He stopped talking about his social life and instead threw himself into building his career. He sought out mentors like Jalas and then doubled down on building his legacy.

Nicah the Queen laughs off at her failed marriage with ex husband, Dr Ofweneke

Then all of a sudden he announced that he and his lady, a woman by the name Christine Tenderess, were expecting a baby together. That was when we saw a change in his exes behaviour online. She began doing the most for attention. She would share thirst traps under the guise of inviting members of the general public to her church.

Nicah the Queen

All this while, Dr Ofweneke is focused on his career and his new family. And they did indeed receive the blessing of a bundle of joy. He is living his best life. And indeed, all this joy is manifesting itself in his career.

Why Nicah is missing Dr Ofweneke and has struggled to replace him

And now he is engaged. Indeed, he wants to make an honest woman of his sweetheart. In the meantime, Nicah is no longer able to date balanced men. She only seems to attract men who want short, fun stints with her. And it isn’t hard to see why. She is a single mother of 3. Which self-respecting high-value man wants to saddle himself with 3 children?

Nicah the Queen celebrates ex husband on his engagement to Christine

And that is why she regrets losing Ofweneke. We can also tell this from how her narrative has changed. She has gone from being the angry victim of her narrative who grants more interviews about her relationship than her career. These days when she talks about him, it is to praise the man and father he is. The reason for this is her regrets.

“Yes I still love my ex!” Nicah the Queen confesses

While she was younger, Nicah the Queen was growing in options. Maybe not options for happily ever after but options nonetheless. Now she has to face the truth that she might have lost the best thing she had -Dr Ofweneke. And she has to see that very man get a do-over. That must pack a punch.

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