Nicah The Queen’s New Relationship Won’t Work

Kenyan gospel artist Nicah the Queen is among Kenya’s hotties who have not been able to hold on to relationships. As a matter of fact, she recently just got engaged to a man whom she had announced she was no longer in a romantic relationship with.

Earlier this year, Nicah The Queen recently announced her split from DJ Slahver, a move that shocked fans since the two seemed to be deeply in love with each other.

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Nicah The Queen Set To Get Married

The mother of two wrote an emotional message on her Instagram explaining that people sometimes fall out of love. On the flipside, Slahver responded to Nicah’s post, and he thought it wise not to talk about the breakup until they both recovered from it. But now, the two sweethearts are already engaged.

Nicah the Queen flaunted an engagement ring and captioned;

”I said yes @djslahverdon. You and the babies got me on this one. I’m speechless. Thank you Lord Jesus!”

Nicah expressed her joy upon the engagement.

Why It Won’t Work

Despite Nicah being all curvy and bubbly, she doesn’t fancy relationships as such. Her previous relationship with Dr. Ofweneke had a nasty ending. But the jester already moved on. This time, Nicah and Slahver have been shaky with their relationship. The engagement is quite risky considering Nicah’s response to relationships. Slahver should have taken his time before the engagement.


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