Nicholas Kioko Reveals Why He’s Hesitant To Impregnate His Wife Ashley Wambo Again

In a recent interview, content creator and YouTuber Nicholas Kioko and his wife Ashley Wambo shared some insights into their marriage.

Kioko revealed that when he first met his wife, he wanted her to quit her job and stay at home. He struggled to understand why she would not want to do this, despite his vision for their future.

He also shared that they are hesitant to have more children, as they are afraid of having twins again, as happened with their first pregnancy. Kioko explained that the cost of living is high, and they are worried about being able to afford to raise another set of twins.

“We are scared of getting pregnant because if we do, we are afraid that we will have twins again, and raising them is difficult. The saying that a child comes with their own plate is a scam,” he said.

Kioko also admitted that his wife was single for three years before they got married, and that she had no one hitting on her during that time.

The interview provides a glimpse into the couple’s life together and the challenges they face. It also highlights the importance of communication and compromise in a marriage.

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