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Nick Mutuma drives ladies wild with his biceps muscles… even Yvonne Okwara can’t stop admiring his massive guns

January 11, 2019 at 10:27
Nick Mutuma drives ladies wild with his biceps muscles... even Yvonne Okwara can't stop admiring his massive guns

A photo of popular actor Nick Mutuma has sent the internet into a spin, ladies just couldn’t stop admiring his massive biceps muscles.

Mutuma took to social media to show off his body after hitting the gym for the past few months. He has developed serious biceps muscles that could rival Schwarzenegger’s guns on a bad day.

“DISCLAIMER: This post wasn’t solely for the purpose of showing off my guns… although…i’m happy to have them ? So one of my things this year (don’t wanna call them goals) is supporting my entrepreneurial friends and any young Kenyan/African entrepreneurs whose merch I like/ or is having a positive social impact on their communities. S/o goes out to my name sake @fitwithnick_ he’s an awesome trainer and also makes these super trendy and dope work out vests via @kingswalk_ Hit him up and place your order,” Nick Mutuma captioned the photo.


The reactions from ladies was mind-blowing, they simply fell in love with Mutuma’s guns. Even Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara couldn’t stop admiring Mutuma’s biceps muscles.

“Those guns though!! ??,” Yvonne Okwara commented on Mutuma’s post.

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