Vasectomies and heartbreaks: Nick Ndeda proves that simps only get contempt

Nick Ndeda and his wife have announced that they are no longer a couple. Why they decided to do so publicly is beyond me. Whatever happened to celebrities dealing with certain aspects of their lives privately?

Nick Ndeda And Wife Muthoni Go Their Separate Ways (Video)

You see, absolutely no one would have noticed if either he or his wife (soon to be ex-wife) just slinked off into the sunset and continued to live their lives privately. Why? For starters absolutely no one even knows who Muthoni is beyond her being his wife. She is not a celebrity, she is a narcissist who thinks we are interested in her beyond her being Nick Ndeda’s wife.

And to make matters worse, Nick Ndeda decided to let us into his marriage which was littered with insanely humiliating information. For example, the fact that he is a simp who cannot vet his partners worth a damn.

Kiss FM’s Nick Ndeda calls it quits – after 9 years at Radio Africa

You see, when he speaks about her, it becomes quickly apparent that even in their marriage she was all about her and her pleasures. Even their break up video featured a lot of “me, me, me, me, me” talk because that is literally her focus even as a wife.

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda and his wife announced the end of their marriage

And for you, my brother, this relationship is an example of just how garbage being a simp truly is. Why? Because Nick Ndeda did everything to try and please his wife. When she wanted to move to somewhere more peaceful, he followed her lead and moved to Limuru -he works in Westlands. That decision made no sense given his daily.

Think about it, he works in Westlands and has other hustles in Nairobi and he decided to sacrifice his time by moving to Limuru… However, the one sacrifice that says a lot about just how big a simp Nick Ndeda is, was the fact that in a previous interview he revealed he underwent a vasectomy to avoid putting Muthoni through the rigours of childbirth.

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda

Allow that to sink in. The man’s locus was so far removed from himself that he underwent a permanent birth control method simply to attempt to save his wife from having to endure childbirth or having to use temporary methods of birth control.

What that means in the grand scheme of things is that Nick Ndeda cannot change his mind about having children. Now that his marriage is in the toilet, were he to move on and fall in love with a woman who wants children, were they to then progress their relationship to the point of marriage, he cannot give her children of his own -so she would have to seek another man’s sperm to reproduce.

Nick Ndeda

Meanwhile, on the flipside, if Muthoni meets a more dominant man, not a doormat, tomorrow, she can actually get children by him and keep enjoying her life. Indeed, men who simp and break their backs for the expressed pleasure of women will have their backs broken and then they will be dumped.

Nick Ndeda’s ancestors are tossing and turning in their graves. He is a waste of all their struggle to survive.

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