‘Nikama Nitakufa’- Ringtone Complains Of Severe Headache After Being Hit By Blogger Alai (Video)

Gospel artist Ringtone is still in pain after allegedly being ‘hit’ by popular blogger Robert Alai on the head. The musician has taken to his Instagram to disclose that he will be undergoing surgery soon yet again.

”Habari ya asubuhi? Najaribu kufanya mazoezi, kichwa kinaniuma. Sijalala. Ile rungu niligongwa apa ilini affect. Nataka kuenda kufanya operation. Sioni kama nta survive, nikama ntakufa. Tafadhali niombeeni. Najua Mungu anaeza niponya.”

Alai, who is keen to join politics ahead of the 2022 general elections, was arrested in the wake of a physical altercation involving the musician in Nairobi after they had a slight car accident.

Alai was charged with causing grievous harm to Ringtone and malicious damage to property following an altercation on July 23 along Cotton Road in Kilimani.

It was alleged that the blogger took out his ‘rungu’ and hit Ringtone on the head. The musician would later on go abroad for treatment.

I Did Not Hit Ringtone- Robert Alai Denies Beating Up Ringtone With A 'Rungu'

The alleged altercation between Alai and Ringtone attracted a huge crowd, who took videos and photos as the incident unfolded.

On July 29, drama was witnessed at the Kibera Law Courts after Ringtone showed up in an Ambulance.

Speaking to the press, Ringtone said that he was still in pain and will probably need to travel to South Africa for further medical attention (Head-scan).

He states that he is yet to recover. Is this another kiki stunt from Ringtone or is he stating the truth?

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