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Nikipata Mtu Serious Nita Settle- Kamene Goro On Finding A Partner

August 26, 2021 at 12:54
Nikipata Mtu Serious Nita Settle- Kamene Goro On Finding A Partner

Renowned radio presenter Kamene Goro is single and searching. The gorgeous 29 year old presenter has a couple of times announced her readiness to get her significant other and settle; but all she gets are just ‘jokers’.

Kamene Goro-IG

Speaking exclusively on Kiss FM alongside Jalang’o, Kamene disclosed her interest in settling down; only when she gets a serious person.

”Nikipata mtu serious nita settle…”

Despite her exquisite looks and curvy physique, she remains single. Kamene has taken her time over the years to heal from a previous heartbreak. What most people don’t know is that she was married at the tender age of just 23! She quit her job at Ebru TV back in 2014 and moved to Tanzania to get married to whom she thought was the man of her dreams.

”I got married immediately after I finished my Law degree in 2014. My TV career had just started to pick and I met the then love of my life and he lived in another Country, akaniambia come I want you to be with me. I remember I gave my employer a two days notice…I went wrote the letter and drop it on my boss’s desk.”

When asked how she felt after being dumped by ex-husband, Kamene Goro’s response was,

”I can guarantee you he is the most miserable man right now in the world.”

Kamene seems to have healed from the heartbreak and she’s ready to settle. However, she has made it clear that she’s only after serious men.



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