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‘Nikona Baby Fever’- Pritty Vishy Tells New Lover Madini Classic (Video)

July 08, 2022 at 13:06
'Nikona Baby Fever'- Pritty Vishy Tells New Lover Madini Classic (Video)

Pritty Vishy is making haste in declaring her desire to have a baby with her new lover Madini Classic. They’ve been in a relationship for barely a month, but Pritty thinks it’s high time for them to have their own kid.

Ready For A Baby

Pritty had indicated that she was unsure of Madini. However, the couple finally stepped forward to publicly express their unwavering love for one another.

The damsel is recent form four leaver but fame has already found its way to her- but all the fame is because she was previously Simple Boy’s girlfriend. And it seems  She’s got luck when it comes to dating musicians.

After taking some little time to heal, Pritty is once again madly in love. The two sweethearts have now become household names after their public declaration. Madini even offered to pay more than she asked for dowry. And this is another probable reason for Pritty wanting to have a baby for the singer.

For now, they’re enjoying each other’s love. But for how long will it last?

Watch their full video below:


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