“Nimemfunga na uchawi ya wabukusu” Risper Faith reveals secret behind successful marriage

Image: Risper Faith with her fiance

Risper Faith recently decided to address haters claiming husband Brayo is a failure from the US; and apparently the money she keeps on her social media’s actually belongs to Mama Brayo and not Brayo himself.

In short, the guy is bum but good at showing off what belongs to his mum.

Lady Risper with her man, Brian Muiruri

However having heard such rumors spread about hubby; Risper for the time got to address the allegations through her Instagram Live; where she told off a certain follower for claiming Brayo is a failure who couldn’t get his life together while living in the United States.

Of course at this point Risper must have been really mad that Brayo’s close friends are using his past to attack his current lifestyle; but being the good wife she chose to fight his battles.

Risper weds Brian
Risper weds Brian

Brayo has kids in Atlanta

During the live, Risper also got to address rumors claiming husband has a kid or rather kids in Atlanta where he relocated from before coming to Kenya.

However according to Risper, these are just rumors aimed at ruining her marriage; but what they don’t understand is that she will never leave him whether the rumors are true or not!

At this point while still angered, Risper went on to give her reason as why Brayo will never leave her either saying;

Risper Faith With her fiancé, Brayo

Nimemfunga na uchawi za wa Bukusu

A statement she probably regrets uttering; especially with how most of Nairobi slay queens are known to use Juju to score wealthy men. I mean, look at Amber Ray and ex husband Zaheer; and now, Jimal is also said to be under her spell.

But oh well, si ni

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