Njambi Koikai narrates how painful sex cost her boyfriends

Njambi Koikai is still recuperating at an American hospital where she has undergone several procedures to cure endometriosis. The former NTV host left Kenya for Atlanta, US sometimes in February.

Njambi has been suffering from endometriosis for years. The condition made her lungs collapse every month during her periods. She also experienced painful menstruation.

She recently talked about her condition in an interview with BBC. Njambi says endometriosis has even made her relationships to end.

Boyfriends run away

The former NTV host says her partners could not understand her condition. She says she lost boyfriends because of painful sex caused by endometriosis.

“Yes, yes because the pain is so much I don’t even want to go through it. And to find somebody who understands that and someone who is willing to live with you through that pain is hard. You know having to see you go through pain every single month is crazy,” said Njambi Koikai.




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