Njia ya muongo ni fupi! Teenage socialite Shakilla’s fake lifestyle exposed

Image: Shakilla looking like a million bucks

Socilaite Shakilla recently went on to show off the amount of cash she apparently makes fro m her Onlyfan account. Judging from the numbers seen on the screenshot shared on her IG page, we had every reason to believe this young lady; I mean haven’t we heard what she can do with a remote?

So now, think of what she can do to make quick money from the popular onlyfans account.

However thanks to one of Edgar Obare’s followers, we believe that Shakilla may have played us with a download screenshot; aimed at making fans believe that she has money. This however comes days after she publicly asked fans to help raise some money after Wanyama lawyered up on her.

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Shakilla exposed

Social media life

As seen on Edgar Obare’s page, the screenshot shared by Shakilla turns out to be a download from the internet. According to the fan, Shakilla has always been spotted using an android phone yet the screenshot appears to have been taking with an iphone. iphone users can explain this better.

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Well with this out, we sort to find out how true this is and turns out the fan was right. The Onlyfans post shared by Shakilla was a download and nothing about her earning from this page is true.

Not quite sure why the young girl keeps complicating her life on social media; but she needs to take a chill pill from now on.


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