Njugush badly embarrasses hungry comedian who called him a thief and copies his work 

Image: Njugush with his wife

When you are at the top, expect envious competitors to drag you down. That’s the message comedian Njugush is driving home after an upcoming comedian recently attacked him for allegedly stealing his work.

The comedian, who goes by the name JB Mole, took to social media to attack Njugush claiming that he has been stealing his jokes and repacking them for his 500k plus fans.

JB and Njugush

‘I am an upcoming online comedian called JB Mole and I am very aggrieved because I am really trying to get into the industry but one very popular comedian has been stealing my works and redoing them as his through his social media platforms,” JB said in an interview. 

Looking at the clips the comedian is claiming Njugush copied will leave you with a clear idea that JB is just looking for attention. To make matters worse, he has only six videos so far, Njugush has over 1000.

JB’s post

Njugush took to Instagram to blast the comedian having noticed it just another wild goose chase.

“Weee sjawahi cheka hivi budah….ndio ata naona hii page yako mtuangu…..That’s proper joke sasa hii inaweza ibwa wachana na hizo zingine unasema zimeibwa. Mtuangu you are hilarious Yani ???? Kama ningekua nakutegemea for content naona ningekua na video chache Sana….. I wish you all the best mtuangu nakufeel lakini…..so from now I’ll be careful to use words such as worlcup,make up etc nisi kucopy….man Asante for the laughter….alafu ukipata time tunaweza keti tuongee about content creation and how ideas have no Monopoly and stuff…for now wacha ningoje upost niibe.” Njugush told him. 

“estar33319Sasa wewe umetoka wapi,u want to tell us that the three videos has made njugus akuwe famous?” another fan added.

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