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Njugush is a genius for starting YouTube channel for his kid

May 11, 2021 at 13:14
Njugush is a genius for starting YouTube channel for his kid

Comedian Njugush recently, together with his wife Celestine Ndunda, announced that they have set up a YouTube account for their child and while to most people this seems like nonsense, I am here to celebrate this genius idea!

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You see, while it is common for African and especially Kenyan celebrities to set up social media accounts for their infant and toddler children, those are usually mere vanity projects that are used to boast about the fact the parents are celebrities.


Njugush with Celestine and their son

And Njugush might have been clued in on this fact by someone at Google or perhaps he just stumbled on the idea… But whatever the case, brilliance is still brilliance even when someone steps into it like a pile of faeces.

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Some of the people who make the most money when it comes to YouTube content creation, then you will notice that the highest earners are often video game players and children’s content done by children.


Njugush with his family have set up a YouTube channel for their son

So if they can get this right, Njugush could legitimately see his child become a multi-millionaire and that is no exaggeration. Why? Because if his son’s content hits the mark, think “Baby Shark” levels of success… And to add to this, the fact that children never fast-forward the ads and you can see how this would be a goldmine. I have a nephew and niece who have shown me this from how they consume content on their tablets.

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Njugush would doubtless already have done enough research to know that YouTube changed its monetization principles with regards to child-friendly videos but once they are certified as being genuinely age-appropriate content then trust me when I say the child will find his way to paying his own school fees.


Like father like son? Njugush with son

The avenues open for them include:

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  1. selling kid-friendly merchandise
  2. brand sponsorships (and we all know how easy it is to sell to kids)
  3. Google ad

And the greatest thing about all this is that Njugush’s son would be the first shark in a “blue ocean”. Because there are a precious few other children in this space. We need to give this man his bouquet while he is still alive to smell and appreciate them because this idea is brilliant.

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