“Nkipata mwanaume kutoka Kenya ni mimba tu” Hormonize’s ex Jacqueline Wolper expresses desire to date Kenyan man

Jacqueline Wolper is in search of a sweetheart from Kenya. The Tanzanian actress considers Kenya her second home and as such wants to date a man from the 254.

Wolper expressed her love for Kenya on an Instagram post where she shared a photo of president Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and captioned it ‘Mr president #my second home Kenya’.

She opened up about her desire to date a Kenyan man on the comment section where she said she will get pregnant for the next Kenyan man she dates.


Fashion house

Wolper revealed plans to open House of Stylish in Nairobi to cater for her Kenyan customers when she last visited the country in May this year. She said  she was motivated to open the Kenyan store because customers have been struggling to reach her in Tanzania.

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