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No one should listen to Huddah Monroe’s marital advice

January 11, 2023 at 13:32
No one should listen to Huddah Monroe's marital advice

Huddah Monroe is back to giving relationship advice and it’s a rather hilarious event to behold. That is because if you know her background then you know that she’s the last person you’d expect to be in a relationship or secondly she’s the last person who should be giving relationship advice given the fact that she has been accused of being a scarlet woman.

Huddah should learn from Vera Sidika before looking down on African men

The former trollop cum socialite recently took to social media to express her distaste at the idea of dating an African man and reason for this is due to her belief that Africa has nothing to offer but poverty.

I mean there’s nothing wrong with Huddah having standards or preferences. While I don’t think there’s anything wrong for her to say she doesn’t want to date an African man what I think is preposterous is for her to attempt to give relationship advice on the same matter.

Only foolish women would listen to Huddah’s relationship advice

You see as a former troll up who does perspective on the world is a rather damaged one. Chances are she dealt with a lot of African Johns and this left her scarred. Or perhaps it’s the fact that when she dealt with the African Johns they demanded value for their money and in a warped sense of reality she believe this to be a sign of poverty.

Whatever the case may be, Huddah Monroe giving relationship advice is about as laughable as the idea of her frenemy Vera Sidika giving celibacy advice.

Huddah is right about “dating” rich men

It cannot be denied that she has most likely dealt with high net worth. You can also not be denied that the nature of her interactions with isn’t exactly what a normal woman who isn’t a call girl would necessarily be seeking for themselves. So even if she can speak to the tastes of some very wealthy men in Dubai, she cannot speak to their relationship preferences.

So rather than getting triggered, my brothers and sisters, I would strongly recommend that you see this for the fast it is funny because of the irony of a call girl giving relationship advice and secondly because we have a single woman giving advice to other single men and women about what they need to seek from a relationship.

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