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No Romance With No Finance: Who Is Vera Fooling?

September 03, 2021 at 11:27
No Romance With No Finance: Who Is Vera Fooling?

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika revealed she is not interested in dating sponsors and I laughed to the point of shooting milk through my nostrils. No really, I didn’t just get my seven chuckles in, I damn near died!

Vera Sidika on why she married a younger husband instead of rich old man

The audacity! All of it! All the audacity in the world is clearly resting in the space between this trollop’s ears! She is actually virtue signalling and talking to us like we do not know that she is or rather was a trollop.

Vera, Brown Mauzo

Let me assume you just came out of a coma and have no idea what I am referring to so let me give you some background. Vera Sidika took to her social media account and claimed that though her friends had been putting pressure on her to choose to settle down with a sponsor, she chose Brown Mauzo.

Once A Deadbeat: Brown Mauzo’s Expose Should Worry Vera Sidika

I actually can’t even say that without laughing. Because my mind automatically runs to her Dubai trips. My mind races to her relationship with Yommy Jones -you know, the guy who chased her through the streets of Dubai. That same man who revealed that his first interaction with Vera Sidika was as a John looking for a call girl…

Vera, Brown Mauzo

Yet this same lady wants us to believe she is with Brown Mauzo because of tingling feelings and lovey-dovey nonsense? Nah! She is with him because she got a guy whose interests marry into hers and they have to make it work. She gains legitimacy from him and he gets a woman of her profile and status. Win-win.

Mapenzi! Brown Mauzo Tattooes Vera Sidika’s Name On His Arms (Video)

If Vera could have found a wealthy man who was willing to settle down with her and start a family, she would have snapped him up. Instead, she has a man who is not on the same financial level as she is but he is young and let’s face it, handsome -pause. So she still wins. But what about Brown Mauzo? Well, in Shikwekwe, he gets a woman who not only has clout but more money than he does. So he is currently living like a prince. It actually fits his mental schema.


Before he was with Vera, he was with a woman of modest means. Before that? A cougar who landed him in trouble with her husband. Before that? There was Amber Ray but he claims that was strictly a professional relationship. But before that, there was Akothee.

But we do not have to be made an unwilling audience to their drama -especially when it features a lot of lies. Are we meant to suspend belief just so we can cheer for Vera Sidika’s tall tales? Hard pass!

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