No woman chooses to get pregnant with the intention of raising a child by herself – Awinja

Kenyan actress and influencer Jacky Vike, known as Awinja, has praised men who actively participate in raising their children, emphasizing the challenges faced by single mothers.

Awinja stated, “No woman desires to be a single mother. No woman gets pregnant with the intention of raising the child alone. Every single mother has a reason for her situation, which is why I find fathers who are present to be very attractive.”


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She also offered encouragement to single mothers, advising them to prioritize their well-being. “You must think of yourself first when raising a child. If you are mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, it becomes easier. Whether you are a single mother or not, you can do it. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Often, we don’t realize that our children give us purpose and keep us going; without them, we might find ourselves in much worse situations,” Awinja added.


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Recently, Kenyan singer Jovial shared her thoughts on co-parenting, highlighting how draining it can be. She posted on social media, “Co-parenting has got to be one of the most draining things on this earth.” Jovial pointed out that often, one parent is still bitter, thinking they are getting back at their ex, while the real victim is the child.

She also mentioned the importance of mental and psychological preparedness for parenthood. “When you tell your close people you are having a baby, they will warn you about body changes, but you need to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically.”

Jovial concluded with advice, “Have that child when you are ready to have that child.”

Other celebrities have also shared their experiences with co-parenting. Akothee commented on the challenges, saying, “Do you think you have challenges in co-parenting? Wait until he ignores the instructions issued by the law—the same court he took himself to.” She added, “I thank God for Father Oyoo, the mediator; this other one would have finished me.”

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