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“Nobody’s life stopped when my mom died” Zari fires at critics who asked why she didn’t mourn Mowzey Radio

February 05, 2018 at 07:32
"Nobody's life stopped when my mom died" Zari fires at critics who asked why she didn't mourn Mowzey Radio

Zari Hassan did not mourn the death of Mowzey Radio and some people were bothered by this. The mother of five however has no time to please anyone with her actions.

Mowzey Radio was finally buried on Saturday at his home in Kagga. That same Saturday Zari was in Dubai attending her friend’s birthday.

The Ugandan socialite littered her Instagram with photos of Zodwa Mkandla’s birthday. The lady is Zari Hassan’s BFF from South Africa.

Zari with her friend Zodwa Mkandla in Dubai

Ugandans irked

Zari’s fans from her native country were disappointed by her for sharing birthday photos when Uganda was mourning the death of Mowezy Radio.

“Am yo number one fan but it hurts to see u enjoying Dubai not coming home to mourn for our bro the Lamborghini hit make #radio vocal master,” a certain Kaytayc commented on Zari’s post.

Zari fired back at critics who were castigating her over her posts. In her reply she emphasized that life does not stop just because someone was dead.

“@kaytayc i paid my reapect on fb, i domt remember anybody’s life stopping when my mom passed on. I don’t get it when y’all always wanting to find fault when there is none when it comes to me. Did your life stop when Don and Mom died? Yep, i thought so!!!!” Zari ranted.


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