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‘Normalize Moving On’- Fans React To Mejja’s Ex-Wife Obnoxious Birthday Wish

May 23, 2022 at 16:10
'Normalize Moving On'- Fans React To Mejja's Ex-Wife Obnoxious Birthday Wish

We have witnessed numerous baby mama drama among several celebrities who couldn’t get their baby mamas to move on after their separation. And celebrated Kenyan artist Mejja has found himself in the middle of it on his birthday.

The talented genge artist, who is turning 36 years old today, won’t be celebrating his birthday in peace after his ex-girlfriend Milly Wairimu sent an unpleasant birthday wish to the singer; whom she claims to be a deadbeat dad. Her birthday wish went like this;

”Happy birthday idiot i wish you nothing but bad life i mean you have to pay for your wicked ways jibambe”,

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Baby Mama Drama

Wairimu, who doubles up as Mejja’s ex had previously exposed him as a deadbeat and claimed that Mejja is only talented in music; but he knows nothing about bringing up a family- ‘Bazu wa uduu’

Celeb ako sawa 100% but ikikam ni familia chorea (He is a great artiste out there but when it comes to his family, he is not). I will always be his biggest fan though musically otherwise I wish I never met him. I want to be better, not bitter,” she said.

Mejja eschewed response on the same.

Mejja on the other hand, has decided to remain oblivious to the obnoxious comment by his ex; and he’s celebrating his birthday ‘bila bughda’. 

This is how fans had to react to Wairimu’s sentiments. Most of them admonished her to move on and do away with all the drama.


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