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”Not just messages but I will share your nudes and videos!” Alikiba’s former side chick threatens

April 15, 2020 at 13:29

Diva the Bawse is currently entertaining fans on her Instagram page after confirming that she was Alikiba’s other woman!

According to the details shared on her posts, we now understand why Alikiba’s Kenyan wife walked out on the singer just a few months after their grand wedding!

Amina Khaleef with hubby, Alikiba

Turns out that the humble and husband material many saw in Alikiba is quite the opposite. As seen on Diva the Bawse’s posts it’s evident to see that Kiba and Diamond have one thing in common; and that is infidelity.

Diva threatens Alikiba

Well, earlier today Diva the Bawse went on to confirm that after dating Alikiba on the low for months, she finally called IG quits!

This is because she got tired of being with a married man and for some reason – it seems that there is more to this story.

Messages between Alikiba and Diva

However after walking away from Kiba, the Bongo singer remained in denial as he continued to chase after the lass. Thanks to a WhatsApp screenshot we now believe that the two parted ways back in 2019, but Alikiba kept holding on.

tutaendelea officialalikiba  since umetuma watu weee umefanya everything behind , so many since i walked away .. trying to clean up yo image , i have videos not jus messages .. tena za chumban kwako tabata … jus because wewe ni mwanaume unafanya muziki you have no right to do what you doin cause i end up things with you, call me kigagula call me whatever ..

Since people from Alikiba’s camp have now started referring to her as an old woman; Diva publicly shared her age not forgetting to hit Kiba where it hurts more. Diva wrote;

btw im only 31 kwa cheti changu og cha kuzaliwa, ukiniongelea anything napost video zako thats a Promise na Picha Zako thats another hit … so we both lose respect in the society, i had nuff of kuchafuana ovyo na najua unawatuma i have evidence too, at this point i don care at all, truth to truth , wanaume mnahisi mwanamke ni mtu ambae utamfanyia everything everyday im not yo puppet … awe mjinga nope.

Stick to your wife

Although Diva was aware that Kiba was a married man, the lass claims that she finally decided to call off things urging Kiba to go back to his legal wife. But, one way or another he always preferred getting his love from Diva. She concluded her post saying;

nimechoka , i told you so many times we si umeoa  i even blocked you kila kona, i did things peacefully hasira zako unatuma watu vitu vya ajabu ikno everything i have mo evidence, nilikuheshimu sana and respect what we had, kama ninge expire usingekuwa unanibembeleza to see me in the middle of the night na kusema huwez hata kulala mpaka unione .. haya mambo hufanya teenagers kwan cha ajabu nn a woman to end of things with you? can’t believe this



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