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Noti Flow beaten black and blue by bitter ex boyfriend (Photos)

June 04, 2021 at 11:41
Noti Flow

Rapper Noti Flow has opened up about physical abuse from one of her former boyfriends who beat her up; leaving her with scratches and patches all over her body.

The rapper who is popularly known for her wild ways disclosed this information through her Instagram page; where she accompanied her post with a few graphic photos just to show how bad the beating was.

From her caption, Noti Flow says that such kind of behavior is the reason why she is currently dating a woman; since of course women are more gentle and would never hurt her like the man she was seeing did. Through her gram, Noti Flow wrote;

Beaten black and Blue

From the photos shared by Noti Flow, it’s evident to see that the alleged guy did indeed give her some serious beating; which makes fans wonder whether he was fighting a fellow man or an animal.

However this is not the first time Noti Flow is coming forward with physical abuse stories. In 2019 she accused Mustafa of beating her only for the guy to reveal that she is a violent lady with anger issues. Speaking about this, Mustafa said;

She bit and scratched me using her finger nails. kicked me without any provocation. I remember there was a time I was ailing, and she couldn’t take good care of me. I feared her to the extent that I had to hide all the kitchen knives in my house when we were about to go to bed.


Noti Flow is bitter that I left her two months ago. And, I have valid reasons as to why I ended my relationship with her. I wouldn’t want to reveal much, but I can say she started seeing a white man behind my back. My mum came to know about it, and advised me to be careful with her. It is unfortunate that she threw the religion card in her wild allegations, that is not fair at all.

Noti flow beaten


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