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Noti Flow is in Dubai now *wink wink*

September 15, 2022 at 14:14
Noti Flow is in Dubai now *wink wink*

Noti Flow has had a hell of a roller coaster time in her relationships. She went from being in an abusive relationship with her ex, King Alami and then moving on to dating some random heaux in Mombasa and she’s now in Mombasa.

Why Noti Flow involves us in her sexual lifestyle

The rapper who is better known for all the shenanigans she gets herself embroiled in more than her musical career is now in Doobs with a mzungu man she’s claiming as her lover…

I am really trying to be delicate about what we are probably all thinking Noti Flow’s activities are in the gulf region. And the truth is, we might be dealing with a Porta Potty scenario. Or maybe it is all just love and romance.

Noti Flow and girlfriend let fans in on their bedroom matters, here’s why they are addicted to each other

All I am saying is the fact that the young rapper is busy serving standards in Dubai courtesy of a man. And while there, she has shared images of herself purportedly loving up on the man and they are happy. But where has the guy surfaced from all of a sudden?

Noti Flow

Noti Flow takes risque photographs because she is surrounded by enablers

And what happened to the previous lover she was with just over the weekend? What did Noti Flow do to her? Have they broken up? Are they in an open relationship? We know she doesn’t make any money from her craft because she only has 7K monthly listeners on Spotify. We also know she hasn’t put out any new music nor is she on the circuit touring the world and performing fro audiences of any size… So how is she paying for her trip?

“Huyo chokora” Eric Omondi showers insults on Noti Flow for ‘disrespecting’ him

All I can truly say with any certainty is that she is in Duabi. Wink wink!

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