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Noti Flow should quit chasing small girls

January 12, 2023 at 09:21
Noti Flow should quit chasing small girls

Noti Flow is a narcissist and she proved this by unveiling an alleged lover who for some reason looks like King Alami…..a rather cheap move considering what her ex lover has been going through since her accident that saw her arm amputated.

If you follow Noti Flow I’m pretty sure you came across a photo of Alami’s look alike who we have identified as Giih Rafael – the new lady Noti Flow wants to take under her wings. She revealed this in the caption where she wrote;

However earth is hard. Like Otile Brown once said, unaye mpenda anapenda mwengine. Mwengine naye kapendwa na mwengine. So Moyo sukuma damu sio mashine. Anyway having rushed to introduce the lady as her new catch, Noti Flow has been left looking like another desparate lady in her 30’s trynna settle down with every other young available woman.


Like Peter denied Jesus, Noti Flow suffers same fate

Anyway reaching out to Ghafla on the alleged relationship – Giih Rafael denied being lovers with Noti Flow saying;

And I can’t help but wonder why….but also having heard she is 17 years, I’m pretty sure this isnt what Noti Flow is looking for at her age….hii ni kama child’s play.

I mean, with the likes of mature LGBTQ women out here – I’m sure she can find a nice lady to be her wife….but then again, maybe the reason she keeps attracting small girls is because of how she carries, dresses and presents herself. Maybe trying to be classy might help her bag the right woman.


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