Notiflow Narrates Horrendous Injuries Suffered By King Alami Following Her Suicide Attempt (Screenshots)

Rapper Natalie Florence Kutoto (Notiflow) is still in grief over her girlfriend’s suicide attempt that has left her digging deeper into her pockets to finance Alami’s medical bill. Alami reportedly threw herself from 7th floor of the apartment where she resides in an attempt to ‘finish herself off’ after breaking up with Notiflow.

The two sweethearts had a tumultuous on and off relationship; and called it quits on several occasions. But their last break-up wasn’t taken lightly by King Alami. According to Notiflow, Alami is an extrovert, who enjoys partying outside in tandem with her friends; unlike Notiflow, who is an introvert and prefers to stay indoors to ‘protect her brand’.

”I prefer partying in the crib cz it’s safe & private & to also protect my brand (Unless otherwise).

She continued to calibrate the reason for their separation; which is related to the latter.

”So I told her to choose between us or her partying with her random ‘friends’ idk about. She walked away so I guessed she wanted to be a free bird.”

King Alami’s Injuries

Apart from nursing a heartbreak, Alami sustained very serious injuries, which have even lead to the amputation of her arm. Notiflow shared via her Instagram stories the horrifying set of injuries that Alami is currently healing from; adding that there’s still hope for full recovery.

Check the screenshots below;


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