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Notiflow Once Again Throws Shade At Celebrities Flaunting ‘Fake’ Gifts On Social Media

April 04, 2022 at 09:43
Notiflow Once Again Throws Shade At Celebrities Flaunting 'Fake' Gifts On Social Media

Kenyan rapper Natalie Kutoto(Notiflow) picked up a beef with a section of celebrities after she exposed them for not showing receipts to validate their sumptuous gifts to their partners. She started off by specifically targeting Eric Omondi, who had bought a car(Toyota Vitz) for his girlfriend Lynne on her birthday, shortly after Notiflow’s  Volkswagen gift to her girlfriend King Alami.

Eric Omondi was displeased by Noti’s sentiments and hurled numerous insults at her including referring to her as a chokoraa, not to mention calling her gay; which happens to be true.

”Ambieni huyu chokora asiwai Taja jina yangu tena!!!! Ama nitamshika na huyu dame wake ni wakule wakue straight. Idiiot.”

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Notiflow’s Message

Notiflow has now reiterated her message to celebrities and admonishes them not to brag about being well-off on social media, yet in real life they’re struggling. Via her Instagram stories, she wrote;

”Tangu ni expose watu at least watu wametulia😹. Ungeskia so & so has bought a chopper… Hee!😹.

She continued to opine that receipts are a necessity when such gifts are involved.

”Receipts, receipts. Stop faking lmao😹. Kupea watu stress bure na nyinyi pia mko na stress😹.”

Notiflow’s previous statement roped in several ambivalent reactions from fans; and some celebrities like the Bahati’s were tagged as among the culprits who fake their luxurious gifts just for views. Do you believe Notiflow is stating the truth?



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