Notiflow Reacts To Viral Video Of Her Ex Mustafa Doing ‘Mjengo’

Musician Mustafa is currently struggling to make ends meet. The singer, who is a renowned artist, recently went viral after his video of doing manual work circulated.


The singer working in a ‘mjengo’ left netizens wondering whether it was a lack of money or it was his construction site Others argued that the singer might be working on a music video and the clip was meant to set the mood for him to drop it.


However, Mustafa confirmed that he’s actually struggling to make ends meet and that his mother is sick.

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Mustafa, who doubles up as Notiflow’s ex-boyfriend, has roped in her reaction. According to Notiflow, Mustafa was a serial cheater while they were still together; and he spent his money on his side-chicks. She claims the latter are reasons why she decided to walk away from the relationship.

Noti decided to take the LGBTQ route after undergoing a couple of tumultuous relationships with men.

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