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Notiflow Repossess Her Car After Break-Up With King Alami (Screenshot)

August 11, 2022 at 17:03
Notiflow Repossess Her Car After Break-Up With King Alami (Screenshot)

Kenyan rapper Notiflow has broken up with her stud girlfriend King Alami-again!. You’re probably wondering what might have gone wrong this time to cause their fallout. But it’s just the same thing that happens over & over. Alami has been accused of cheating by Notiflow. And this is like the 3rd time she’s ranting over the same. Alami has acted a fool on several occasions and she always seems to be the one on the wrong, considering how she apologizes everytime.

The two have shared exorbitant gifts during their tumultuous months of being in a relationship – including a car, which Notiflow had bought for Alami on her birthday.

It seemed like a love story with a happy ending, but their sporadic break-ups are suggesting they’re just not contented with each other.

Anyway, the singer has now repossessed the car she gifted Alami. She shared via her Instagram about break-up.

Here’s what she had to share via her Instagram


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