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Notiflow Revamps Her Love For King Alami, Claims She’s Eagerly Waiting For Her Recovery

October 28, 2022 at 12:35
Notiflow Revamps Her Love For King Alami, Claims She's Eagerly Waiting For Her Recovery

It’s now obvious that love grows fonder after your partner goes ahead to try and commit suicide to prove their love for you. And this was the case for King Alami and her girlfriend Notiflow. The two sweethearts have been in a tumultuous relationship over a period of less than 2 years.

The disturbing fact about their relationship is, Notiflow’s love grew fonder after she found out her ex tried to commit suicide after she allegedly left her in the lurch.

She recently admitted that it was all her fault;

”We gon pray for you my baby 😭🙏🏽 We’ve been praying for you day & night . You’re strong my G & you’re still the coolest stud I fell in love with 😎 I love you more everyday Nothing’s changed ❤️ & I’m with you thru it all.. I’m here for you forever my love. Quick recovery my baby you are loved and cherished ❤️

( for those who are blaming me thank you very much for making me feel worse & guilty than I already I’m.
Y’all are right tho, it’s my fault cz if I was with her she’d be OK & safe like she’s always been so crucify me”

And to add salt to injury, Notiflow is feeling the guilt. She recently shared via her Instagram stories how she’s ready to fight for Alami;



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