NRG radio presenter addressing claims he ‘stole’ Shaq the Yungin’s girlfriend? (Post)

Sean Preezy who was Shaq The Yungin’s best friend and colleague co host at NRG radio is said to be the reason behind his besties ugly split with girlfriend, Cindy.

Ex besties: Shaq the Yungin with Sean Preezy

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Okay I know some of y’all are asking hao ni kina nani but believe me these three pips are quite popular among the cool kids of Nairobi. They’re known for their ‘flashy’ lifestyles, trendy outfits and also play the role of socialites – hence help in pulling the young crowds to new clubs, events etc.

However there is new beef between Nairobi’s youngest sponsor, Shaq the Yungin who recently exposed his best friend for getting involved with his girlfriend (now ex) Cindy. Apparently this had been happening for weeks before he finally confronted the two and boys being boys…the besties exchanged blows.

Not to glorify violence in any way….but damn, Cindy’s love  must be worth the drama these two put up….. but as cute as it sounds, it’s pointless and juvenile.

Exe couple: Shaq and Cindy

Sean weighs in

Despite having his name dragged into the scandal, Sean Preezy maintained his silence until a few hours ago when he weighed in about the issue.

Although he didn’t say much through the post shared on his IG, I believe he is waiting on time for the truth to come out. He made this known with a post that read;

Stop telling your side of the story. Time will!!!

Which is true. But again, if what Shaq the Yungin is saying is true… how will time explain how the best friends ended up with the same girl, cause clearly their situation no where close to that of R Kelly and Usher, gerrit?

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