Nviiri The Storyteller Addresses Jealousy Rumors

In an interview with YouTuber Kesh Gracy, singer and songwriter Nviiri The Storyteller addressed rumors that he is jealous of his Sol Generation labelmate Bensoul.

“I have my own team, and the same applies to Bensoul,” Nviiri said. “Our fans and the industry have embraced us as a team. We have a good balance in music since our content doesn’t clash. I might produce sad songs at times, but Bensoul balances the equation by creating love songs.”

Nviiri continued by explaining that their genres are somewhat different, as Bensoul focuses on reggae and dancehall, while he specializes in rhythm and soul.

“We have a big journey ahead of us,” Nviiri said. “It’s like a never-ending cake we will probably never finish. We have had gigs on different occasions in the past, and we performed well, which only makes us stronger.”

Nviiri’s comments come after some fans speculated that he was jealous of Bensoul’s recent success. However, Nviiri’s response makes it clear that he is not only supportive of his labelmate, but also grateful for the opportunity to work with him.

It is refreshing to see two artists in the same industry supporting each other rather than competing. Nviiri and Bensoul are a great example of how artists can collaborate and create something special together.

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