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Nviiri the storyteller dating popular Kenyan YouTuber Elodie Zone?

October 23, 2020 at 09:10
Nviiri the storyteller dating popular Kenyan YouTuber Elodie Zone?

Of the Sol Generation crew, Nviiri the storyteller is the only guy yet to unveil his better half or even talk about his love life.

Barely last week, fans got treated to a series of photos of Bensoul’s beauty and brains of a girlfriend, Noni Gathoni, who has since been turning heads online.

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Well, regards Sauti Sol’s crew members, Bien, Savara, Chimano and Polycarp, that is as good as an old story. Their love lives are no longer a secret. 

Nviiri and Elonie Zone dating?

This leaves popular singer-songwriter, Nviiri the storyteller as the last man standing from the Sol Generation crew whose love life remains top secret.

Nviiri the storyteller with Sauti Sol’s artist manager Anchie Ng’inja

However, recent reports hint that the talented guitarist and performer is dating popular sassy Kenyan YouTuber, Elodie Zone.

According to a local publication, the two were spotted hanging out and camping in a forestry Airbnb, in Karen, Nairobi.

An exclusive event that was only graced by close friends and family.

Popular YouTuber Elodie Zone

Funny enough, a recent vlog by Sol Generation TV, indicates the boys were set for a song-writing camp back in Limuru. To  allow the artists stay off distractions and focus on creating good music for their solo albums.

So how Nviiri was spotted in Karen having a good time, in an event similarly graced by the vocal YouTuber, is something that remains a mystery but similarly raises speculations.

Talented singer-songwriter Nviiri the storyteller

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