Nviiri’s ex girlfriend proves age is no barrier after buying first home at 25

YouTuber Elodie Zone is a proud owner of a beach house she recently purchased with her hard earned money. Maybe. But all we know is that Elodie now owns a beautiful house which she calls home only at the age of 25 years.

Being one who enjoys entertaining her fans on social media, Elodie Zone shared a photo of her property and as for the caption – the vlogger talked about the challenges that pushed her to becoming a better version of herself saying;

YouTuber Elodie

Bullied in high school.
Depression for 10 years.
Attacked on social media countless times for rumors.
0ksh in the bank account.
Physical abuse in relationships.

Okay okay, about the physical abuse in relationships – we only know of one – that time she was dating Nviiri…and no it was no fairytale.

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Elodie Zone parading beach house


Well, the list is to show you some of the things she has had to put up with over the years and now – finally the Almighty has blessed her.

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The 25 year old vlogger went on to add;

College drop out.
Black sheep of the squad.
Watch out for people that bounce back from everything that was meant to destroy them. Those are Gods people. They are not to be messed with #25 #myfirsthome #beachhouse #meditation My #2022 has been the first chapter of a book I can’t wait to read! ????

Below is a photo of the beach house.

Elodie Zone flaunts beach house


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