Nyashinski and Tecno sued in Copyright Infringement Case

Acclaimed Kenyan rapper Nyashinski is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from Nigerian music producer Sam Eli Are. Are claims that Nyashinski used his beat for the hit song “Wach Wach” to promote Tecno Mobile’s latest smartphone, the Camon 20, without his permission.

Are alleges that he met Nyashinski in a Nairobi studio in 2020, and that the rapper asked to use one of his beats for his album “Lucky You.” Are agreed, and sent Nyashinski a number of his beats. Nyashinski chose the beat for “Wach Wach,” and recorded the song a few days later.

After the song was released, Are says that he sent Nyashinski a contract to formalize the terms of their agreement. However, Nyashinski never signed the contract.

Are claims that he is entitled to a share of the profits from the Tecno endorsement deal, as he is the copyright holder for the beat that was used in the commercials. He is seeking damages of Sh10 million from Nyashinski and Tecno.

Nyashinski has denied the allegations, and says that he has a valid contract with Are. He also says that he has already paid Are for the use of the beat.

The case is still pending in court, and it is unclear how it will be resolved. However, it is a reminder of the importance of copyright protection in the music industry.

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