Nyashinski is back with a new single dubbed ‘Balance’

Nyashinski is back with a new single Balance. He has been away from the music scene for some few months. One thing we know for sure is that he always comes back with a bang. Balance is just a new hit and I can assure you that it is worth your time.

Nyashinski is one talented guy and I think he always tries to give his fans his best. I would spend a whole 24 hours listening to his work. Also, he has proved that he can always do better whether in a collaboration or as a solo artist.

He is one guy who has kept his plans out of the public leaving people wondering what he is planing. In addition to the secrecy he has maintained his style of music, something that has seen him maintain his fan base.

It comes at a time that we didn’t accept. Remember that he has been concentrating on marketing his music globally as he posts on Instagram.

Nyashinski is back with a new single dubbed 'Balance'

Balance has been produced by one super producer, Cedo. This guy is also talented and gives his clients work the best.  Worked as Nyashinski’s producer for sometime now and his work does not disappoint.

What is the message in ‘Balance’?

To start with Nyashinski is known to do inspiration songs. The song Balance is not an exception. Also his style sets the theme so clearly.

Secondly, there are lines that you ain’t gonna miss; Kwa mahustler wangu kuna different ways Kwa masiku mbaya kuna better days Upcoming anaenda kuwa major paid Kwa madame wadaku atakuwa razor blade. This is an encouragement to the hustling nation. He couldn’t have said it better than this.

Nyashinski is back with a new single dubbed 'Balance'

Also in there is this one where he talks about ones parent bring up the best. Piga madeal no time for sleep Shine mpaka waone wananeed kuquit Show stopper None better Kaa uko sure mathako alizaa go getter Lift up your hands tuna win for ever The best usiwai forgetta Balance.

In conclusion, this is the best song I have heard in a long time. Keep the fire burning Nyashinski. Balance gets a rating of /10.

Below is a link to the audio.

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