Nyashinski Not Far From Downfall: Here’s Why He Should Quit Rapping And Stick To Singing

From a truck-driver based in the US, to a musical star smelting millions from his music- Nyashinski is the epitome of pure talent that almost went to waste. The ‘Hapo tu’ hitmaker made his comeback in 2016 after working abroad and quitting music for a while.

The song Tuendelee by Kleptomaniax totally changed the music industry in Kenya. The lead bad boy being Nyamari Ongengu, popularly known by his stage name Nyashinski, was a favorite because of his lyrical prowess. But the group went ahead and split up.

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Rapping Vs Singing

Nyashinski the former Kleptomaniax makes a comeback - The Standard Entertainment
Kleptomaniax back in the day-Google

Bearing the latter in mind, Nyashinski’s exemplary talent is slowly fading despite his comeback. And just like Eric Omondi predicted, Kenyan musicians are not giving their all and are being overtaken by Tanzanians. It’s all about consistency. And Nyashinski is not an exception.

Taking a look at his songs that are flawless, Nyash keeps it simple by singing along; not necessarily rapping. A good example is his love songs, Malaika, Hello, Bebi Bebi, just to mention a few. The songs have garnered millions of views, in comparison to his rap songs; some of which he recently released. I bet you didn’t know about them. He just posted them on YouTube, just like that. And all of them have less than 100K views.

The point is, love songs tend to sell more. And most of them are just through singing without conglomerating rap in them. And this is what Nyashinski should stick to- or else netizens will end up forgetting his name in the near future.

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