Nyashinski stays in his lane and that’s why he’s always winning

Have you ever wondered what sets Nyamari Ongegu, better known as Nyashinski apart from other artists? Well, I have figured it out, kind of.

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To date, the Malaika hitmaker is the only Kenyan artist who took a long hiatus and when he came back, he was even bigger.


Most of his peers have never understood how he has managed to do this because some of them have been trying to make comebacks in the local music industry but have failed miserably.

For starters, Nyashinski is really talented. Some people even refer to him as creative genius and I agree with them.

His musical talent is not forced. It’s almost as if he was born with it. It’s natural so all he has to do is just cultivate it.


The second and most critical aspect is that Nyashinski always stays in his lane. He does not release songs to ride on a popular wave.

If he did, then you would have seen him on a Gengetone jam but you see, he stayed away from it even when that is what everyone wanted to listen to at the time.

Nyashinski also does not compete with anyone. He just does his thing and releases it when he feels it’s the right time.

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I doubt he is bothered by the songs that Sauti Sol, Khaligraph or even Otile Brown put out or how fast they are releasing songs.

If you ask me, that’s one of the things that makes him a cut above the rest i.e staying in his own lane.

If an artist keeps worrying about what his or her competitors are doing, they end up being distracted and the chances that they might want to mimic their competitors are very high.

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