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Nyota Ndogo needs to accept her man is elderly

June 18, 2021 at 09:53
Nyota Ndogo needs to accept her man is elderly

Nyota Ndogo is living up to the stereotype about coastal women being all about umbea and just being about as mouthy as a squirrel chewing on nuts because she is always yackering and yammering about something.

‘Wanakuita Babu Lakini Hujazaa Na Nyanya Zao’ Nyota Ndogo Tells Haters As She Re-Unites With Her Mzungu Hubby

Her topic of interest these days is her marriage which she at one point had jeopardised with an ill-advised bullshit stunt that was about her being pregnant even though her husband had been away on business for three months and had undergone a vasectomy.

Nyota Ndogo

Singer, Nyota Ndogo

Yup, Nyota Ndogo decided to activate big brain time. And she was constantly meowling about the damage her supposed April fool’s prank had wrought and she kept whining on social media for all to see.

Nyota Ndogo’s Mzungu Bae Finally Responds, Just When She Was Almost Giving Up (Screenshot)

Fortunately for her, her love story had a happy ending as after months of whining and begging for forgiveness, her husband finally relented and admitted he had missed her and he wanted to reconcile and make things work.

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo with her husband

Nyota Ndogo is over the moon but it seems some of her followers do not understand why she would want to salvage a relationship with an elderly man -the same who financed her to build apartments and even her own home.

Nyota Ndogo destroyed her own marriage so we shouldn’t pity her

The same man who took on her children and embraced his stepfather role to the point he has come to own full responsibility over them. Why, oh why would a woman want to reconcile with such a ma so desperately I wonder…

Nyota Ndogo

Anyway, Nyota Ndogo ‘s fans have been referring to the mzungu man as “babu” but from my understanding, it is a respectfully endearing way to refer to an elderly man in Swahili but she is having none of it.

‘Mna Ushenzi Sana!’ Nyota Ndogo Attacks Bloggers For Claiming She’s Just After Her Mzungu’s Money

Yet, he is indeed elderly. So why all the bruhaha? She knows her man is older than her and that as a mzungu, he ages like milk so he appears older than he probably is. Yet she is busy complaining about the name her fans have given him.

That leaves me to wonder whether she is merely complaining because she loves to complain and that is all she knows to do.

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