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Nyota Ndogo reveals why she is not aging as fast as her agemates…you might need to read this!

March 29, 2017 at 12:21
Nyota Ndogo reveals why she is not aging as fast as her might need to read this!

Born in 1981 and she still looks like a 20 something year old! So how does Nyota Ndogo manage to stay fresh and so young? Well, the singer has finally revealed her secret after fans started questioning whether she is eating or probably taking some medicines to continue looking young.

Through her Facebook page, the singer posted one of her hot photos as she went down to talk about the main reason she is not aging. And no, it has nothing to do with doctors nor the food she eats. Her looks are as natural as the day she was born.

Unlike many women who are quick to bleach their skin to look ‘beautiful’ she chooses to keep her dark soft skin that has left her husband smitten…that is as far as we know.

Well, Nyota Ndogo has revealed that the secret behind her youthful looks is the smile she wears on her face. According to her, she rarely stays mad nor frowns which helps her not get wrinkles. She wrote the message below accompanied by the photo below:

Wanasema why uzeeki nyota nawajibu nakubali matokeo and I smile all the time, sijui kukasirika kwa mda mrefu ila ikifikia hapo basi umeniumiza sana.


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