Obinna & Bernice Saroni- Love In The Air?

Online detectives have unearthed intriguing clues that suggest Obinna and Bernice Saroni, two prominent figures in the Kenyan entertainment industry, might be the latest celebrity couple in town.

The speculation began when Bernice shared a seemingly innocent photo on her TikTok account, featuring a couple holding hands. While the faces were not visible, eagle-eyed observers noticed that the ring and wristwatch worn by the male in the photo were strikingly similar to those frequently sported by Obinna.

Fueling the rumors further, Bernice and Obinna were spotted enjoying each other’s company in a car, both singing along to Jay Melody’s romantic hit song “Nakupenda.” The intimate moment, captured on video, added more weight to the growing suspicion of a budding romance between the two.

In response to the mounting evidence and online chatter, Obinna took to social media to address the situation. Without explicitly confirming or denying the relationship, he shared a photo showcasing his own ring and wristwatch, accompanied by a playful caption that hinted at the possibility of imposters attempting to emulate his style.

“Ati Pete na Saa Imedo?🥱🙈. I know there are imposters out there trying to copy my style and swag. Guys, stop. Yaani mtu ametafuta Pete na watch hadi mkono ametafuta yenye inafanana na yangu surely…guys stop it.😤,” Obinna wrote.

Obinna’s cryptic response further fueled the intrigue surrounding his relationship with Bernice. While he refrained from providing definitive answers, his playful acknowledgment of the rumors only heightened the anticipation among their fans and followers.

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