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Obinna finds solution to deadbeat dads refusing to be part of their kids lives

September 01, 2022 at 10:17
Obinna finds solution to deadbeat dads refusing to be part of their kids lives

Oga Obinna has been having issues with his baby mama for months now; but with or without the issues – he still provides for his kids and last we checked also pays his baby mamas rent among other things.

Obinna with his kids

Well – of all the baby daddies I have come to know….Obinna has proven to be one unique man. Just because he walked out on his ex doesn’t mean he dumped the kids too…in fact what’s more surprising is that he ensures his kids are living comfortably together with their mum…unlike most baby daddies we’ve heard of out here.

Anyway speaking about his new idea with Mpasho, Obinna revealed his plans to start a new show where he will bring together both baby mamas and daddies hoping to find a solution to their coparenting.

I am starting a show called baby mama dramaz, where men are coming to talk about the baby mama issues. When you talk about it we find your baby mama and she also tells her side of the story. Whether she says it or not we are going to the children’s court and the father will have to be in the life of the kid by force by fire.

It’s all about the kids

According to Obinna – he is willing to even step up for dads seeking DNA tests as proof they fathered the said kids there being asked to support. With this, at least most will be sure  they’re taking care of their own.

Obinna’s ex wife with daughters

If the father is having second guesses that maybe that is not my child then we will do DNA and I will pay for it. Just to have peace of mind and children are raised in an amicable situation.


The father will have to provide and the mother will allow the father to see the child.

Sounds like a plan but I can’t help but wonder…if Kenyan Family court (the law itself) can’t still come through for most parents seeking child support from their ex partners, how will Obinna make them step up?


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