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Obinna is a drama king always picking on his baby mamas to get a reaction

January 13, 2023 at 13:09
Obinna is a drama king always picking on his baby mamas to get a reaction

Is it just me or is Oga Obinna a man who enjoys drama online? I mean, unlike most men – this one likes to discuss baby mama drama and what happens in his house hold….and i am thinking, this could be the main reason why he can’t compose a good song….how would he when he is thinking of drama 24/7 or how he will bash his BMs during his Kiss FM morning show.

Like for real, i feel that if Obinna put the same energy he puts in his BMs business – to his music – we would already have a 2023 banger but no….nikama anapenda umama hence his daily routine in complaining and bad mouthing the 3 women responsible for his 4 kids.

Co-parenting is not easy. We are always fighting. In my world, there are only two ways of co-parenting which are, either you sleep with your baby mamas or you pay them otherwise, you will never see your kids.

Can never be me – Obinna

If you havent heard his latest tale on them, then allow me to share with you. Speaking on BM (baby mama) drama, the fella recently revealed he literally has to pay the 3 mothers of his kids inorder for them to allow him to spend time with the kids.

Obinna with his kids

The reason he choses to give them money is simply because he cant sleep with either of them after parting ways. So instead of stringing the women along when he knows he is done for good, Obinna said;

So I pay them.

Okay – sounds harmless, yes…but for those who understand how narcissists work you’ll be able to see through the BS hiding in this polite i pay them off statement.

I mean, how would we know if they even want to jump back in bed with the guy? Maybe this is all in his head considering how we saw him handle one Mama Adalola….and asking for a friend, what man keeps discussing his baby mamas everywhere? Kwani hamuogopi?


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