Obinna Is Right, It’s Hard For Men To Find Genuine Love When They Have Money

After God, fear women! Genuine love from women is a gem that not every man gets; especially when they get money. And I mean good money. It’s the only time when women will flock your DM seeking for a chance to be with you. Some reach a point that they’ll do merely anything to have a piece of you.

Remember the 60 year old guy who used a whooping Ksh 700,000 within a week on a woman? She enticed him and he got convinced. The woman would later swindle him all the cash- well played hit & run.

For those who end up being convinced, it normally ends the same way for them. Some get robbed off their money & belongings.

For some like comedian Oga Obinna, the latter sentiments will suffice. He agrees that it’s hard to get genuine love when you become rich. I mean, most chicks are after swindling your money to enrich themselves.

Tanzanian musical star Diamond also agrees that if it was not for his wealth, women wouldn’t love him as much. He reminisced how broke he was and didn’t have women in his life. But now, women are all over him.

Even though finding the genuine love is kinda hard, we must agree that there shouldn’t be romance without finance.

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