Obinna is told by an upset Pritty Vishy, “I know I’m ugly.”

Purity Vishenwa, widely known as Pritty Vishy, has left internet users shocked by bravely opening up about the tragedies she faced while growing up.

While she had previously shared some of the challenges she endured with her step-father, Vishy delved deeper into the painful experiences she had with her biological father.

In a candid moment, Vishy expressed her raw emotions about her physical appearance, bluntly stating that she considers herself unattractive and undeserving of attention.

“I’m ugly! Why would anyone leave their partner for me? What do I have to offer? I am ugly,” she tearfully confessed, leaving the show host stunned.

Obinna, still processing her words, asked if she truly believed what she was saying about herself, expressing concern over her self-image.

Vishy reiterated her sentiments, explaining that she genuinely feels unattractive and struggled to contain her tears as she spoke.

As emotions overwhelmed her, Vishy couldn’t hold back her tears any longer, prompting Obinna to offer her tissues to wipe them away.

During the emotional moment, Vishy also revealed her strained relationship with her biological father, expressing deep resentment towards him.

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