Obinna Reveals Why He Would Not Date Winnie Odinga After She Claimed She’s Single

Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga is single & ready to mingle. She’s however, under no pressure to get married or date soon until she finds ‘the one’.

While she has received numerous proposals, the damsel rejected them and has been single for 9 years- something she’s proud of.

Kiss FM’s presenter Oga Obinna has shared why he wouldn’t date her, claiming she’s strong-literally and can man-handle him.

” Do you see how Winnie braves the Maandamano and the tear gas was thrown at her?

He is also there fighting for the EALA position. I would rather remain with Amber Ray.

Winnie Odinga is where I draw the line. I would rather try with Charlene.”

“Imagine you are dating Winnie and you cheat on her.

You get taken to Junet who then takes you to Karen and Babu Owino is the one opening the door.”

Obinna continued to claim he’s even afraid of her dad.

”Baba reprimands you for cheating on his daughter. I am afraid of Baba.”

He adviced her to go for foreign men, who do not know much about her dad.

“She should look for expatriates (Outsiders) people who do not know Baba.”

Either way, Odinga is ready for men to shoot their shot at her.

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