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Obinna wasting his money away by releasing music no one listens to

November 24, 2022 at 11:12
Obinna wasting his money away by releasing music no one listens to

Okay – before anything else, did you know that apart from being Kiss FM’s radio host Obinna is actually a comedian and wait for it….an artist! However dont ask me what type of music he makes because just like you and I….cant say i even know one.

But from what i have heard is that the comedian is a singer who has been in the game for the longest time; and although he has a few fans here and there – his music isnt just getting sufficient air play even at Kiss FM – where he works.

So far I have also learnt that Obinna recently released a number of songs that would would make an album or two….and the bitter part is – his target audience remains unbothered yet he is dropping a new song everyday week.

Comedian Oga Obinna

Comedian Oga Obinna

Channel his money to kids upkeep

Well having also noticed that almost all artists in the game are struggling with their music….one would have assumed that Obinna would channel his money towards child support since he has several baby mamas out here.

But again…everyone is different and this is why Obinna is using his new money from Kiss FM to shoot expensive music videos; that you’ll either get to watch kwa mix flani ya DJ ama kwa club when everything else sounds good when intoxicated.

Mmmh lastly….could Obinna be using his music to clean…..ama wacha tu, ill end up giving you a good example like KRG….then watasema tunahate.


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