Ochungulo Family are also in the Twa Twa mode

With the new Twa Twa wave, Ochungulo family were also not left behind. They also adapted the famous phrase to make a song.

Anyway, it is always good to go with the crowd but at least change the meaning in the song. In this jam, they used the Twa Twa to explain the pastor’s message with sound actions.

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But as we say, for this groups to sell, the message has to be vulgar. Even though the group is not my cup of tea, the way they delivered the Twa Twa message will leave you laughing.

It is so funny how the Ochungulo group did the lyrics. I mean you can already feel like what the pastor was saying is actually in motion.

Twa Twa is a sexual song imitating the pastor

Ochungulo Family are also in the Twa Twa mode

But it is a bit funny how all the groups took advantage of the trending phrases and in a couple of hours, they all had a tune.

The things that they all do to earn a living. Even if Ezekiel Mutua was to ban this phrase Twa Twa, I think it already meaning then.

I do not have to translate the lyrics in this. Am sure you can already guess the message without going wrong. Ochungulo family and the pastor seems to have connected only that they had to bring out the sexual theme.

Twa Twa is explained in many ways. Inaezakua shuma irare dani ama pia kutwaga kazi twa twa twaaaaa!!! Vile tu utaamua imaanishe kwako pia ni sawa. this song was made after Ochungulo family saw a video from a widely celebrated wife of a pastor who preached words of wisdom to the church. Enjoy, sex si manmade achana na rugby na futibo.

In addition to the crazy lyrics, what is funny is how they have used the effects of the pastor’s voice. In conclusion, they get a rating of 5/10.

Audio below.


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